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 We are a First Nations, not-for-profit social enterprise.

Donations to our organisation are 100% tax deductible.

Our Adelaide Art Centre was the longstanding vision of APY Elders and opened alongside the APY Gallery in Adelaide in May 2019. The studio supports Anangu artists visiting Adelaide for health and family reasons as well as Anangu who are permanently based in Adelaide; required to live ‘off-Country’ to receive long-term medical or social support. For artists, living or spending time away from home means a loss of social, cultural, artistic and economic opportunities usually provided by their local art centre. Working to curb these challenges, the Adelaide Art Centre provides essential support to artists including access to space that is both a professional art studio, and a place of vital cultural and community connection. The centre  provides culturally appropriate support to access healthcare and other services in Adelaide, and the support and facilitation required for artists to generate and maintain income stability.

Since its establishment, Adelaide Art Centre has grown to support over 30 artists daily, with Anangu artists now sharing their studio space with artists from other First Nations language groups.


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As part of the Instant Asset write off scheme, purchasing an artwork for your workspace is also 100% tax deductible.  Visit the artwork pages on APYGALLERY.COM