Ngura Walytja

a new exhibition of men's artwork

Ngura WalytjaNgura Walytja translates from Pitjantjatjara to English as meaning someone's own place, and a place that one belongs to. The two meanings are inseparable.

Featuring: Frank Young, George Cooley, Keith Stevens, Eric Barney, Antama Baker, Keith, Minunga, Lydon Stevens, Shane Brown, Walli Lehman, Aaron Ken and Taylor Cooper

This exhibition is presented at the APY Gallery Naarm/Melbourne, which is part of the APY Art Centre Collective.The diversity and range that is depicted across these works speaks to the ongoing development of APY artists and their desire to explore their artistic practice, as well as the artists’ enduring connection to their Country and culture.

Including artworks from emerging and mid-career to established artists working across Tjala Arts, Iwantja Arts, Kaltjiti Arts, Mimili Maku, Umoona Arts and APY Adelaide Art Centre 'Ngura Walytja' is a collection that speaks to the ongoing ingenuity and stylistic exploration happening in these art centres and by extension contemporary First Nations art.

Founded in 2017, the APY Art Centre Collective (APYACC) are a group of Indigenous-owned and governed art centres that work together on innovative artistic projects, and strong business initiatives. The Collective is a ground-breaking initiative that provides support, resources, and opportunities for First Nations artists from the APY Lands, regional South Australia and Adelaide. Through artistic projects, exhibitions and workshops, The Collective aims to promote Indigenous voices, foster cross-cultural understanding, and generate economic opportunities for Aboriginal communities.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the stories, colours, and spirit of Ngura Walytja, and to celebrate the enduring legacy of Indigenous art and Culture.

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