Kukika Adamson

Artist: Kukita Adamson
Date of Birth: 1950
Community: Amata : SA
Language Pitjantjatjara


My name is Kukika Adamson, I was born in Pukatja Community and now live in Adelaide. I am the daughter of a great artist named Tiger Palpatja and I paint the Wanampi Tjukurpa, an important cultural story I inherited from my father. The first artworks I made at Ernabella Arts were floor rugs and weaving.

I started work at Ernabella Arts when I was a school kid, and worked there after school. Today at the APY Adelaide Studio I work beside Yaritji (Mutu Mutu) Heffernan and Wanatjura Lewis. We were schoolmates when we were little girls at Pukatja. It's over 50 years later and we are still working together in our art centre.

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