JUNE 2024

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APY Gallery Sydney is proud to present SA SALON – an exhibition of early and mid career artists from South Australian based Aboriginal owned Art Centres.
This showcase is a special offering of work from six Art Centres, that is responding to and celebrating the incredible artmaking on display at the Art Gallery of NSW as part of the Archibald & Wynne Prizes, and Sulman Award
Some of our esteemed artists are current and previous shortlisted artists for these prestigious awards including:
Naomi Kantjurinyi, Tjala Arts (Sulman, 2024)
George Cooley, Umoona Arts (Wynne, 2024)
Frank Young, Tjala Arts (Wynne, 2024)
Kay Finn, Jeannie Minunga and Myra Kumantjara, Umoona Arts (Wynne, 2023)
Sandra Pumani, Collective Art Centre (Wynne, 2023)
Nyunmiti Burton, Collective Art Centre (Wynne, 2020 & 2021)
Yaritji Heffernan, Collective Art Centre (Wynne, 2021)
Barbara Moore, Tjala Arts (Wynne, 2021)
Mrs Norris, Kaltjiti Arts (Wynne, 2019)
Teresa Baker, Collective Art Centre & Tjungu Palya (Wynne 2017)
As well as aspiring and talented artists:
Tjimpayi Presley, Tjala Arts
Kukika Adamson and Megan Lyons, Collective Art Centre
Ingrid Treacle, Kaltjiti Arts
Ken and Jacob Sisters Collaborative, Tjala Arts
 Art Centres are home to some of the most exciting contemporary artists practicing today. Art Centre studios are the beating heart of remote and regional communities as places to practice and celebrate culture, engage in meaningful employment and earn independent income through all areas of arts enterprise.
APY Gallery Sydney returns 80% of the retail price to Art Centres.

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