Witjiti George

Artist Witjiti George
Date of Birth 1938
Language Pitjantjatjara
Art Centre Kaltjiti Arts


Witjiti George is from Mulga Bore Homeland on the APY Lands. His mother's Country is Piltati in the Mann Ranges where the Wanampi Tjukurpa is located. His father, Old Georgie, came from Coffin Hill (sacred men's Country) south of Kaltjiti. Witjiti was born at Lambina/Granite Downs (cattle station) in far north of South Australia. As a boy his family travelled east towards towards Ernabella and the railway line as there was a drought and little access to food. When Fregon was established in 1961, he began cattle work and settled there. Tjangili, his wife, came from Mt Ebeneza to Ernabella and they were married in the old traditional way.

Witjiti started painting in 2007, and paints Piltati, an important cultural story of two snake brothers and their wives who live in the Piltati rockhole. A senior traditional man, Witjiti holds much traditional knowledge and authority in the region. He is a respected artist and Elders in the community and has been a long-time Kaltjiti Arts Director.


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