Tanya Brady

Artist Tanya Brady
Date of Birth 21/05/1980
Language Pitjantjatjara
Art Centre Tjala Arts


Tanya Brady is a young leader in her community and an early career artist at Tjala Arts. Tanya previously held leadership positions at Amata Community Council and Amata School and today lives between Amata and Port Augusta. Tanya comes from a long linage of artists.

Tanya’s maternal grandparents are elders and respected senior artists Mick Wikilyiri and Kunmanara (Paniny) Mick. Her mother is Freda Brady, whose sisters are Yaritji Young, Tjungkara Ken, Maringka Tunkin and Sandra Ken, and together they paint as the Ken Sisters Collaborative. Tanya follows in their footsteps and paints the Seven Sister’s Story and important Tjukupra for their family and women across the region.


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