Rosalind Tjanyari

Artist Rosalind Tjanyari
Date of Birth 12/12/1971
Language Yankunytjatjaraa
Art Centre APY Studio Adelaide


Rosalind was born at the little clinic in Indulkana community when it was still in its early years of establishment. She has two younger brothers, and they lived together with her parents in a small wiltja (hand built camp house) close to the creek.

Rosalind’s mother cared for a large extended family of children in Indulkana, and this tradition has been continued by Rosalind who has been a guardian, nurturer and role-model for many young children within the community, with her home always open to take care for those who need help.

Rosalind’s mother Kunmanara (Kanakyia) Tjanyari was a highly regarded ngangkari (Anangu traditional healer) and the influence of her mother’s ngangkari practice and knowledge passed down from her mother, grandmother and aunties has shaped Rosalind’s understanding of people and places. This is reflected in Rosalind’s dynamic artistic practice, where Rosalind alludes to the positive, healing energy associated with Ngangkari that is imbued in specific sites.




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