Pauline Lewis Parrott

Artist Pauline Lewis Parrott
Date of Birth 1962
Language Yankunytjatjara
Art Centre Umoona Arts


Pauline Lewis Parrott is an artist working at Umoona Arts and a respected Umoona and Coober Pedy community leader. Pauline was born at Umoona; outdoors and in a windbreak. Her mother was from Wintinna Station and her dad was from Oodnadatta. Pauline's first language is Yankunytjatjara, and she learnt English when she was at school in Oodnadatta. Pauline also went to Anna Creek Station, east of Coober Pedy and spent her early high school in Adelaide. Pauline left school at 16 and went to work as a teacher's aide at Ooodnadatta School. Pauline also worked at Todd Maude Station. Employed because she could ride horses, Pauline worked there as a cleaner and jillaroo. In 1982, Pauline moved from Oodnadatta to Coober Pedy.

She has three kids and two grandchildren. Pauline has been employed in various positions across Coober Pedy and Umoona. She was an aboriginal health worker and social worker for 13 years as well as a translator. Pauline is a respected woman in the community and sits on the board of Umoona Community Council and the Umoona Aged Care. A talented emerging artist, Pauline paints the country she knows and loves.




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