Paul Andy

Artist Paul Andy
Date of Birth 01/01/1965
Language Pitjantjatjara
Art Centre APY Studio Adelaide


Born in 1964, Paul Andy first came to Ernabella Arts in 2011 for the inaugural Wati Workshop in the ceramic studio. He worked for APY Council for many years as the Mining Liaison Officer. His late father, Andy Tjilari, is a well-known Ngangkari who worked for NPY Women's Council. His wife, Tjimpuna Williams is one of Ernabella's most famous ceramic artists and together, they undertook a ceramic residency in Singapore in late 2014.

Paul and Tjimpuna joined the APY Studio Adelaide in 2020, and since then both have worked across ceramics and paintings. Paul has enjoyed extending his artistic practice and exploring how his iconography and designs can be transferred to his paintings. While his shift to painting is relatively recent, Paul has established himself as a dedicated and talented painter at APY Studio Adelaide, as seen through his sell-out work in exhibitions across Australia.

Through his painting and ceramic work, Paul tells the story of his mother's and grandmother's Country near Kanpi in the western APY Lands. This is the country of the kalaya (emu), meaning the kalaya is the creation being that formed this area.

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