Ngilan Dodd

Artist Ngilan Dodd
Date of Birth 1946
Language Pitjantjatjara
Art Centre Mimili Maku Arts


Ngilan Dodd is a Pitjantjatjara woman born in the bush at Titi Bore. She spent her youth traveling country with her mother Emily before moving to the area around what is today known as Mimili community. At the time, there was a cattle station established at Mimili, Everard Park Station. Ngilan worked for many years at the station, spinning wool, milking cows and doing house work.

Ngilan met her husband Sammy whilst working at the station. Sammy was the head stockman, breaking in the brumbies and building a lot of the infrastructure that is now around Mimili. Many years onwards, now Sammy and Ngilan are both still heavily involved in land management and are the most senior people living in Mimili. With a wealth of cultural knowledge, Ngilan holds a lot of storylines and songs and is passionate about passing this knowledge on to the next generation.

Ngilan is a renown basketweaver, and has only recently started working at the art centre leading a number of cultural maintenance projects and advising the art centre on the development of a community based cultural archive.



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