Mick Wikilyiri

Artist Mick Wikilyiri
Date of Birth 1940
Language Pitjantjatjara
Art Centre Tjala Arts


Mick is a senior artist, elder and Traditional Owner for the area around Amata Community. Mick grew up in Amata. Mick said, "Amata his country". When he was a young man, Mick worked as a cattleman, 'ringer' or stockman at various cattle stations in the region including Curtin Springs Station which is approximately 130km north of Amata, around Alice Springs and Timber Creek.

Mick said (refering to Timber Creek) " Getting that bullock - good work there!". Mick said "Workin' at station, riding horse, breakin' horse, makin' fence, tank, windmill". He also worked at Kenmore Park (east of Amata) and Kalka (west of Amata) when the land belonged to Whitefellas, before it was returned to the Anangu. He said he was asked to come back to Musgrave Park Stataion (now Amata) to work because he was a good worker. Mick said that when he finshed working he went back in Amata and married Paniny. Together they had nine children.




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