Jennifer Ingkatji

Artist: Jennifer Ingkatji
Date of Birth 22/12/1964
Language Pitjantjatjara
Art Centre APY Studio Adelaide


Jennifer Inkatji was born in Ernabella and later moved to Amata Community. Jennifer paints her Country and her culture. In her paintings she is remembering important stories passed down to her from her father, mother and grandfather. She is thinking about how a long time ago when they used to look after the Country, there was plenty of food and families were happy travelling around from place to place.

Jennifer’s sisters is Nyunmiti Burton, a senior woman, APYACC director and fellow artist. In 2019, Jennifer with the support of her sister relocated to Adelaide for health reasons. Since moving, Jennifer has worked at the APY Studio Adelaide on a daily basis alongside senior women and emerging talent from the APY region.