Ingrid Treacle

Artist Ingrid Treacle
Date of Birth 26/12/1970
Language Pitjantjatjara
Art Centre Kaltjiti Arts


The third of five sisters, Ingrid was born in Fregon community and spent her early years living there with her family. Ingrid attended Fregon School during her primary years, then went to Alice Springs for her secondary education at Yirara College. She also spent time at Ingle Farm High School in Adelaide. Ingrid worked as an Anganu Education Worker at the Fregon School for many years.

Ingrid began painting at Kaltjiti Arts in Fregon in the mid 1990's. She draws on the rich tradition of Anangu culture, and connection to Country for the imagery in her paintings. Her work has developed greatly since she first started painting, but it has always explored and celebrated Tjuntun and the Seven Sisters tjukurpa, important cultural stories handed down to her by her father.

As well as being a celebrated painter, Ingrid holds a leadership role in the centre. She has worked for many years as an arts-worker at Kaltjiti Arts assisting with the administration and management of the art centre and has been the Kaltjiti Arts Chairperson since 2017.




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