Inawintji Williamson

Artist Inawintji Williamson
Date of Birth 1953
Language Pitjantjatjara, Yankunytjatjara
Art Centre APY Studio Adelaide


Inawintji Williamson was born in the bush in Pukatja (Ernabella) on the APY Lands in 1953. Inawintji is a bush woman of Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara descent and grew up in Fregon community with her family. Before becoming a painter, Ina engaged in arts and craft production with other women in both communities from a very young age; painting cards, making wall hangings and floor rugs, moccasins from kangaroo hide, batik and tie-dye.

The art centre in Kaltjiti started in a little shed and Inawintji was involved from the beginning. She helped advocate for the larger space which the group later secured and which remains the Kaltjiti Arts studio today. Inawintji was a leader and Chairperson of Kaltjiti Arts and Ananguku Arts. In 2007 Inawintji moved to Adelaide to undertake dialysis treatment. While based in Adelaide, Inawintji has worked for the University of Adelaide for 10 years teaching language, inma (traditional song and dance) and Tjukurpa (Aboriginal law) at the Centre for Aboriginal Studies.

In 2020 Inawintji recommitted to her artistic practice, attending the APY Studio Adelaide to paint on a daily basis. She is also a leader and teacher in the studio, mentoring young female artists in their emerging practices. Inawintji says the studio in Adelaide is a powerful and vital place for Anangu who are “off-Country” to congregate, share and celebrate culture with a special kind of “remembering” that takes place every time they paint.




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