APY Art Centre Collective

The APY Art Centre Collective (APYACC) are a group of Indigenous-owned and governed art centres that work together on innovative artistic projects, and strong business initiatives. Our art centre businesses are the beating heart of our communities. Our vision is to support every person of working age to have culturally affirming employment and an independent income so that they can succeed in our world and yours.

Iwantja Arts, Mimili Maku Arts, Kaltjiti Arts, Tjala Arts, Tjungu Palya, APY Studio Adelaide and Umoona Arts, together with Maruku Arts and artists from Ernabella and Pipalyatjara, make up the APYACC. Art centres are vital to community as they are a rare source of non-government income. Art centres create employment opportunities for people of all ages and are also places where culture is celebrated and instructed on a daily basis through art and cultural practice.

The APY Lands are home to seven art centres, which along with studios in Adelaide and Umoona, facilitate and market the work of more than 500 Indigenous artists. The vision of the APYACC is to increase the capacity of art centres and support their important work incommunity by:

1) Creating and exploring new markets, including through APYACC owned galleries in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide

2) Supporting business development and building capacity by increasing and diversifying art centre

3) Driving innovative artistic projects, including the acclaimed Kulata Tjuta project, regional collaborative painting camps and celebrated Anangu curated exhibitions.

The APYACC is based in an extensive warehouse premises in Thebarton, Adelaide, housingthe APYACC offices, APY Studio Adelaide, and the flagship APY Gallery and design store. This space has allowed for a much-needed increase in studio, training and office spaces and, alongside the APY Galleries in Sydney and Melbourne, has secured the Elders’ vision for growth in APYACC participation and programming into the future.