Nganampa Tjukurpa Nganampa Ngura

Our Dreaming, Our Country

The desert country that surrounds Fregon in the APY Lands is vibrant. The landscape is marked with long ridges of low sandhills interspersed by flat spinifex and vast, grassy plains. These in turn are criss-crossed by dry creeks lined with river red gum eucalypts creating a patchwork effect and which flood during heavy rain. The many rockholes found in this country are irregular, circular shaped depressions in the rocks which fill with water when it rains. Knowledge of the location of rockholes was and still is essential to Anangu right across the APY Lands. 

The artists in this exhibition represent the breadth and depth of the current painting talent that continues to flourish from the Kaltjiti Arts Studio. Our senior painters work closely with our younger ones in order to foster a deep understanding of painting methodologies, through the use of contemporary colours and patterning to reflect the vast, energetic and vibrant landscape they know so well. 

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