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My Home

Sandra Pumani Solo Exhibition


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Our Spirit is Strong

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Ngura Ngayuku - My Home, Sandra Pumani Solo Show.

2023 Wynne finalist, Sandra Pumani comes from a respected family of successful Mimili artists, including her mother Ngupulya Pumani and grandmother Milatjari Pumani.  "Songline stories are all around. It’s what my mum and grandma ...
everyone is painting", says Pumani.
Pumani has held leadership positions in the Mimili community since 2004 and is a strong advocate for championing education initiatives for young Aṉangu. "I was taught so much with these storylines", she says. "It is important for us to teach the kids our storylines and my paintings are used to teach."

Nganampa Kurunpa Kunpu - Our Spirit is Strong, Group Show

This exhibition showcases new works from APY Art Centre Collective's newest Art Centres, Umoona Arts and Adelaide Studio - including Salon des Refusés works developed for the 2023 Art Gallery of New South Wales Wynne and Sulman Prize.
Featuring artists Angela Burton, Josephine Mick, Debra Umala,
George Cooley, Matjangka Norris, Jeannie Minunga and Kay Finn.

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