APY Gallery Sydney

Tjatu Witulya (Strong Together)

Tjatu Witulya is a dynamic exhibition featuring new work from female early career artists from Iwantja Arts, including large-scale collaborative works. This collection of works highlights the strength of these women as they come together not only in their studio but also in their community.

Family and community are so
important to A
nangu culture. Our connection to each other, and to our
Country informs everything we do, especially making art and passing on culture to our younger generations. Being together makes us strong.”
– Priscilla Singer

Featuring works from Priscilla Singer, Rosalind Tjanyari, Emily Cullinan, Raylene Walatinna, Julie Yatjitja, Daisy Barney and Beverley Brumby.

This exhibition is currently showing at the APY Gallery Sydney. Gallery staff will be in touch regarding artwork shipping once the exhibition has concluded.

Sorry, this collection does not contain any products.