Product Details

  • 70 x 50cm hemmed and signed by the artist

  • Digital print on 100% linen (oatmeal)

Echidna / Bird / Lizard options

Printed and made in Australia

” I am painting the story about different animals. A long time ago I used to live at Watarru and I used to work with APY land management*. I was looking after my place back then and now I’m painting about the animals I know.”

Mary Pan is a skilled painter and sculptor, using a range of media including Tjanpi, natural and synthetic fibre and punu (wood) carving. Mary has a unique style that may derive from her homeland of Watarru, and often refers to her homeland in creating her works. Her favourite topics are waterholes, birds and other desert animals and hunting after the fires. Mary is a well-respected and influential member of the Amata community.

Mary Pan has artworks in the collection of ART GALLERY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA and the NATIONAL HERITAGE BOARD, SINGAPORE MUSEUM, she was awarded the 2017 Wandjuk Marika Memorial Three-Dimensional Award (NATSIAA)


The designed product space creates multiple streams of ongoing and consistent income for Anangu of all ages. In particluar it provides creative skill development for younger members of the community, to empower them to thrive.

Every APY Design initiative has a real and tangible social impact. When you buy our product you directly support our grass-roots arts enterprise, with every dollar landing either directly in the pocket of the artist, or reinvested into new and existing initiatives that will and are working, because they are self-determined and directed!